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Welder Contact Adhesive

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Welder Adhesive
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How Many Tubes?

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If you're tired of constantly breaking struts and having fixed struts come back apart after a few crashes this is an invaluable product to have. You won't regret buying this.

This is what we use to hold either the coloured LED's or the Headlight to the Ducts on a Tiny Whoop.

Unless you get your tiny whoop pre-built from tinywhoop.com, it's probably not reinforced in a few very important places.

The struts that hold the motor mount to the ducts are a common breaking point on this airframe.

After trying a LOT of different glues, Jesse Perkins found one that works GREAT!
It's Welder industrial strength adhesive.

The bad news is that you'll have to set the Tiny Whoop on the shelf for 12 hours to let this stuff dry. The good news is that it will be very, very strong.

A syringe can help with application but many prefer to just apply the Welder straight from the bottle, which also works great.

Place a small dab of this stuff on the top and bottom of the outside strut connections and on the bottom of the inside strut connections.

Take a paperclip and force the glue down into the corner after application to make sure it has a good solid footing, on the outside connections spread the glue just a bit so the upper and lower sides connect and fuse.

It is also highly recommend reinforcing your circular polarized antennas in the very middle where the lobes come together, covering the tiny white insulated signal wire that connects the top of the lobes to the bottom. 

Any pig tail or power lead could also be dabbed with a small blob of this to give strain relief to the solder joint,
a small blob over the joint and on the wire will work well. (This step is best with silicone as welder will be permanent).

One tube would last you a lifetime of flying so we have given you the option of a single tube.

This stuff sticks Plastic, wood, metal, rubber, vinyl, cloth, tile, ceramic, glass and more.

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