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Tungsten Putty 15g

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Tungsten Putty 15g tub

Tungsten is the world's 4th heaviest metal tungsten putty is made from tungsten powder and a polymer binder. Tungsten putty is a safe non-toxic metal and will add a weight concentration in the Center of Gravity area of your models. 
Tungsten putty allows faster building time so you get more playtime. Tungsten Putty can be easily used for fine-tuning the weight of models. Simply pinch off a piece of tungsten putty, knead tungsten putty until it is pliable, and press it into a cavity or hole in the model.

Tungsten Putty molds easily into any shape, so you can use tungsten putty anywhere on your models no matter what design you have.

Tungsten putty is a superior product for models, tungsten putty is 3.2 times the weight of the zinc ("Lead Free") weighting material often used on models and thus tungsten putty enables tremendous flexibility in the design of the model.

Tungsten putty has been used as frame ballast to lower the center of gravity of the models.

Tungsten Putty Has the Following Advantages:

1. Tungsten putty is easy to apply exact amount of weight to your models.
2. Place tungsten putty anywhere on your model.
3. Break off exact amount of tungsten slot car putty you need.
4. It is 1.8 times heavier than lead so it adds lots of weight in a small area.
5. It is child-safe, there are no toxic materials in it.
6. Tungsten putty detaches easily.

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Although tungsten putty is made from non-toxic ingredients, tungsten putty is NOT a toy for children to play with. 
Always wash your hands after use, and keep tungsten putty away from food and your mouth.

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