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Tiny Wing for Tiny Whoops!

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Tiny Wing
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Ever wanted to fly a Tiny Wing indoors? Well now you can!

Similar to the Whoover, this Tiny Wing uses the guts from your Tiny Whoop to fly.

Included is two 3D Printed mounts which allow the ducts from a Cockroach frame to fit straight in with 6mm motors installed.


While this will not fly like an actual wing, it will still feel like a drone but imitates the look of a wing.

We have tried this in FPV and we prefer to fly this line of site, some of you may not agree! But looking at this Tiny Wing flying visually is just mesmerizing!

You will have to cut the 4 ducts off a Cockroach frame and slot the two front ducts in the wing (glue in place if you don't want them popping out in crashes)

The rear ducts fit straight in the 3D Printed mount and these slide directly on the wing. (Again 
glue in place if you don't want them popping out in crashes)

We also added a slot for the left over battery tray from the frame. You will have to glue this in place so you can slide your original Tiny Whoop stick Lipo's in.


After the battery tray is glued in place, you can go ahead and stick your Flight Controller / Receiver on top.


The wing tips have been designed to fold up at a 90 degree angle for stability in forward flight. Use a ruler horizontally and push down on the marked line then fold the wing so it takes its shape.


Using a small amount of hot glue, hold the wing tips at a 90 degree angle and glue them in place.


Now for the Configuration of your Flight Controller in BetaFlight;

We mounted our flight controller upside down so the motor plugs are facing up, so we need to flip the flight controller orientation 180 Degrees in the Configuration Tab. See below for configs. 


You need to set the pitch Angle on the Flight Controller, we found 15 degrees to be the sweet spot for a brushed setup with 17,000kv motors, see picture below;


Next is to set your angle limit and strength in the PID tuning tab, see picture below for our recommendation. Increasing the Angle Limit will make it fly faster in Forward flight but gives less stability. (You can adjust these as each build is different (Motor KV, Battery, FC ect..)


Flipped your flight controller ? 

Now only if you have flipped your flight controller 180 degrees, you will need to remap your motor outputs to the correct location! See below for Remap Instruction;

Type "Resource" and press enter in the CLI tab.

Generally this is how your Resource will look for Motors 1-4 (Ignore the rest in the resource list);

resource MOTOR 1 A00
resource MOTOR 2 A01
resource MOTOR 3 A02
resource MOTOR 4 A03

It's always good at this point to make a backup of your resource (Copy and Paste into a document is best) - Things can go wrong as all flight controllers are different - So back it up!

You will have to swap the motor mapping accordingly as we have inverted the flight controller. Shown below is the new resource motor mapping (Yours may be different but you can see the pattern, all we have done is shift the mapping down by two for each motor);

resource MOTOR 1 A02
resource MOTOR 2 A03
resource MOTOR 3 A00
resource MOTOR 4 A01

After typing the correct motor mapping, type save and hit enter.

Once you have remapped your motors, go into the motors tab and spin each motor individually to make sure they have been remapped correctly and are spinning in the right direction.

Note: the above is only if you have flipped your flight controller upside down. 

Now all that is left is to charge your Lipos and FLY!


  • Laser Cut FliteTest Foam - The "Tiny Wing"
  • Two 3D Printed Motor Mounts

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