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Tiny Whoop Nano
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This is the smallest ducted Tiny Whoop
to ever hit the shelves!

PLEASE NOTE: The spare canopy in the box has a protective film on top which doesn't look as shiny and clean as the canopy on the actual nano whoop - This film is to protect the canopy from scratches while not in use. Do NOT remove the protective film unless your going to put the spare canopy on!

Compared to the Original Tiny Whoop which is a 65mm frame, the nano is only 55mm! Noticeably smaller, lighter and more agile. The size we all wanted! 

The airframe has been redesigned to be smaller, lighter (3.00g) and utilize no hardware whatsoever. Each duct has only three struts that are heavily reinforced where they attach to the duct or the motor mount.
The motor mounts themselves are designed to be compatible with 0615 size motors, but a small plastic peg can be clipped out to make room for 0617 motors. Because the ducts of this airframe are closer together, the battery mount holds the battery on it’s side, which allows free flow of the air.  Finally, just under the battery mount are two tiny loops. Jesse wanted these loops to encourage the community to innovate even more Tiny Whoop games.  

Aimed at the Newer pilots thanks to the non-Betaflight setup, these are perfect for anyone looking at getting into this hobby at a reasonable cost - however we see the more advanced pilots still wanting this due to its small size and being the first of its kind!

Designed by Jesse P from Tiny Whoop with the technical side being produced by the mad professors over at TBS this little whoop sure has a lot of new features! 

The first 55mm brushed Tiny Whoop to ever have "Turtle Mode" (Flip over after crash) The new F3 flight controller is equipped with hardware that is capable of reversing brushed motors, allowing the aircraft to flip itself over if it lands upside down, making this the first brushed Whoop-style aircraft capable of turtle-ing in any direction. The Tiny Whoop Nano FC is running the newly released “TBS Harold” flight controller software, and is tuned for snappy execution of control commands.  

VTX control on a dial!

The flight controller has been designed to only allow six(6) 5.8Ghz channels to choose from. Specially selected by Trappy at TBS which he has proven to be the best channels to get 6 pilots in the air - However if you wish to unlock this feature, you can in the TBS Agent Configurator.

"Why have 40+ Channels when you will only ever use a few?" -  A simple yet very effective touch.

The FPV system uses the TBS Tiny Camera, with 700TVL resolution and a redesigned camera form-factor to fit as low as possible to the airframe under the canopy. The VTX is the infamous TBS Unify Pro Nano, the world’s smallest FPV video transmitter with 25mW/50mW power levels and integrated Smart Audio, allowing the pilot to change video channels instantly using only their transmitter. The video transmitter’s stock antenna is a linear dipole on FPC substrate, which looks like a sticker on one of the rear ducts. It’s incredibly durable, and transmits beautiful, clear video. 

The stock motors are 0615 size brushed motors with a speed of 17,000kv, allowing for a high level of  throttle resolution and altitude control for technical and tight Tiny Whooping, but can easily be upgraded to any higher-kv 0615 or 0617 brushed motors, making it an extremely light and powerful Tiny Whoop.

From the moment you first fly the Tiny Whoop Nano you’ll notice it feels a little different to be even smaller. You’ll appreciate all of the innovation that went into downsizing and redesigning the current standard in Whoop flight.



  • Size: 55mm Motor to Motor
  • Weight: 18g dry
  • VTX: TBS Unify Pro Nano 25mW 5.8GHz
  • FPV camera: 700TVL
  • Motors: 0615 17,000kV stock
  • Motor compatibility: 0615 - 0617
  • Flight time: Up to 4 minutes per charge
  • Receiver: FrSky D16 (XM-style)
  • Battery: 1S 260mAh TBS Graphene
  • Battery compatibility: up to 1S 300mAh 

The Tiny Whoop Nano 

Available in 3 Kits:

BNF £99.99:

Tiny Whoop Nano
Spare Canopy

Set of Spare Props
TBS Graphene 260mah 1S HV
USB Charger


BNF + TX £129.99:

Tiny Whoop Nano
Spare Canopy

Set of Spare Props
TBS Graphene 260mah 1S HV
USB Charger

X8 2.4G FrSky Radio


RTF £169.99:

Tiny Whoop Nano
Spare Canopy

Set of Spare Props
TBS Graphene 260mah 1S HV
USB Charger

X8 2.4G FrSky Radio
Tiny Goggles


Tiny Whoop Nano FC Specifications: 

Input voltage: 1S (2.5 - 4.2V)
Main MCU: STM32 F3
RC Receiver: FrSky D8 ACCST
Default FC Software: TBS Harold V1.0
PWM to SmartAudio 2.0 / 2.1
Supports turtle mode
FC size: TW Nano size
Weight (including power lead): 3.1g
Dimensions (LxWxH): 36 x 26 x 7 (mm)
Battery Connector: PowerWhoop (PH2.0)
Motor connector: Molex picoblade 1.25mm (2 pin)

Motor Specifications:

Motor diameter: 6mm
Motor length: 15mm
KV: 17,300kv
Shaft diameter: 0.8mm
Weight: 1.85g (with wires and connector)
Wires length: 40mm
Connector: Micro-JST-1.25

Tiny Whoop Nano Frame Specifications:

Motor compatibility: 0615 / 0617 brushed motors
FC compatibility: TW Nano
Weight: 3.00g
MTM Dimension: 55mm
Material: Semi-rigid Plastic

Tiny Whoop Nano Canopy Specifications:

Weight: 0.35g
Material: PVC
Dimensions (LxWxH): 40 x 34 x 20 (mm)



There a word from the creator Jesse P here

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