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Multiprotocol TX Module Frsky X9D/X9D

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TX Module
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For Frsky X9D X9D Plus X12S Flysky TH9X 9XR PRO Transmitter. Now you can fly almost anything with your favorite TX

This Multiprotocol TX Module is suitable for many brand's quadcopters,helicopters and airplanes

You can control RC quadcopters,RC helicopters or RC airplanes flexibility when you insert  the TX Module to your Frsky X9D/X9D Plus/X12S,flysky TH9X,Turnigy 9XR/9XR PRO transmitter.

Item name: Multi-protocol Radio-frequency Module
Signal frequency: 2400-2483.5Mhz
Controllable range: about 100m
Input voltage: 6V-13.5V
Supported remote controls: Frsky X9D/X9D Plus/X12S,flysky TH9X,Turnigy 9XR/9XR PRO
Supported Remote control channel order: AETR
Supported brands :Cheerson, Syma, Wltoys , Eachine E010(Most of these brand's quadcopters, helicopters and airplanes are compatible but not every model.

Specific models please the note below)

This  Multiprotocol TX Module only supports remote control of AETR remote control channel order. Optimal system is Opentx/ER9X.

However JR and TAER remote control channel order is not  currently available.

More instruction of  Multiprotocol TX Module :


Binding Procedure:
1. Create a model in OpenTX using external module in PPM mode, 12 channels and AETR
sequence order.

2. Turn off Taranis.

3. Power up quad.

4. While holding the appropriate stick pattern listed below, power up Taranis.

Arm quad based on it's firmware's specification.


Protocol is selected with stick position at startup:
Rudder right + Aileron right + Elevator down = EAchine E010, NiHui NH-010, JJRC H36 mini
Rudder right + Aileron right + Elevator up = FQ-777-124 Pocket Drone
Rudder right + Aileron left + Elevator up = CX-10 older red PCB/CX11/CX205/CX30, JXD389/391/393, SH6057/6043/6044/6046/6047, FY326Q7, WLToys v252 Pro/v343, XinXun
Rudder right + Aileron left + Elevator down = WLToys V930/931/939/966/977/988
Rudder right + Elevator down = HiSky RXs, HFP80, HCP80/100, FBL70/80/90/100, FF120, HMX120, WLToys v933/944/955
Rudder right + Elevator up = Syma X5C (older model), X2 … Rudder right + Aileron right = MJX X600
Rudder right + Aileron left = EAchine H8 mini 3D, JJRC H20/H22
Elevator down + Aileron left = Syma X5C-1/X11/X11C/X12
Elevator down + Aileron right = Attop YD-822/YD-829/YD-829C … Elevator up + Aileron right = EAchine H8(C) mini, BayangToys X6/X7/X9, JJRC JJ850, Floureon
H101 … Elevator up + Aileron left = EAchine H7
Elevator up = WLToys V202/252/272, JXD 385/388, JJRC H6C, Yizhan Tarantula X6 … Elevator down = EAchine CG023/CG031/3D X4
Aileron left = Cheerson CX-10 green pcb
Aileron right = Cheerson CX-10 blue pcb & some newer red pcb, CX-10A, CX-10C, CX11, CX12, Floureon FX10, JJRC DHD D1

Last used protocol is automatically selected if stick is in neutral position.


Extra features (if available on aircraft):
Channel 5: led light, 3 pos. rate on CX-10 and FQ777-124, H7, inverted flight on H101
Channel 6: flip control
Channel 7: still camera
Channel 8: video camera, pitch trim (FQ777-124)
Channel 9: headless
Channel 10: calibrate Y (V2x2), pitch trim (H7), RTH (H8 mini/H20, FQ777-124), 360deg flip mode
(H8 mini 3D/H22)
Channel 11: calibrate X (V2x2), roll trim (H7,FQ777-124)
Channel 12: Reset / Rebind

Package includes :
1X Multiprotocol TX Module

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