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Builders Tips

Always fly under the Drone Code
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Motor Guide:

– CL-0615-14 - 14,000KV for indoor LOS or moderate FPV.
– CL-0615-17 - 17,000KV for crazy LOS or fast FPV.
– CL-0615-19 - 19,000KV for insane punch outs.

For the NewBeeDrone Motors:

BDR SILVER - 14,800KV for indoor LOS or moderate FPV - Longer Flight time.
BDR BLACK - 17,400KV for fast FPV flying or crazy LOS - Moderate flight time.
BDR GOLD - 19,700KV for the pilots who love crazy speed - Short flight time.
BDR UNICORN - 25,500KV purely for the insane pilots! - Shortest flight time.

Jessie's personal faviroute, the 'Special Sauce Motor'

When he found this motor, he then switched most of his Whoops over to them. At 17300kv these motors are considerably more powerful than almost all of the motors used for upgrading the Tiny Whoop style aircraft. If you're flying a stock board, these are the fastest motors you can fly without encountering considerable oscillations. You'll feel the difference these motors make when you're punching out or when you're making important corrections in race situations. They haul.

The faster the motor (the higher the KV), the more energy will be used for the same work done. 

So even if you are not using the extra power, but are just hovering, a faster motors will drain your battery faster.

Battery Guide:

We highly recommend upgrading your Tiny Whoops to the latest MCPx connecter to use the MyLipo 205/255 High Voltage (HV) Lipos. (The 205 is a fraction lighter and will give you a little more speed but you will sacrifice flight time). On a stock inductrix board in a Tiny whoop build, we recommend any 6mm 17,000KV-17,400KV motor. Anything higher and you will encounter oscillations when hovering.


– For the longest flight time on a LOS indoor flyer, use 0615-14 motors and 255mAh HV Lipos.

– For long flight times with good speed, use 0615-17 motors with 255mAh HV Lipos.

– For powerful FPV flights, use 0615-19 with 205mAh HV Lipos.

– For very powerful FPV flights, use 25,500KV Unicorn motors, 255mAh batteries, and chop two blades off each prop, giving you a Bi-Prop.

Dont use 0615-19 with the stock Inductrix FC.

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