Beta 75x HD FrSky LBT

75X HD FrSky LBT
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Here we see a great progress with the new Beta75X 3S Whoop HD version which is pre-installed with a Turtle V2 camera and can support 3S battery! 

It enables you to experience powerful flight and enjoy the high quality video at the same time. For those people who want to record a video by flying in a park or at home, Beta75X 3S HD whoop is definitely a best choice. 
A lighter build safer around people, quieter, and easier to control.


Beta75X starts a new era of 3S whoop drones. With a big improvement in power, you could fly real acro, like a larger quad, but is still small enough, safe enough, and quiet enough to fly anywhere.

With the high performance STM32F411CEU6 processor FC boards and tuned Betaflight MATEKF411 (MK41) firmware, everyone could fly the Beta75X drone like a racing pro.

Experience high quality video and high-definition DVRs with the Caddx Turtle V2 on Beta75X HD version.

Durable and light enough frame is customized for the Beta75X. A total weight of 57.4g give pilots a good balance of weight and nice punch on 3S battery.

Whole drone no soldering or tinkering necessary. Customized 1103 8000KV motors with cable connectors, provide powerful thrust on 3S, just plug and play.

300mAh 3S high rate battery is recommended by default.


Weight:57.4g (without battery)

Motors: 1103 8000KV motor with connector

Props: 40mm 4-blades props, 1.5mm shaft hole

Camera: CADDX Turtle V2 ( for HD DVR version)

Canopy: Canopy for Beta75X (HD DVR)

Receiver : Frsky XM+

Frame: Beta75X Frame

Recommended battery: ~300mAh 3S 45C Battery (Not included)


Highly recommend the newest 333mAh 3S battery for this small beast.

We DO NOT recommend the 1103 11000KV (or above) motors for 3S power because the motor may overheat or burn which will cause permanently damage on the motor or ESC. 
Also DO NOT use 1103 8000KV motors for 2S power, the performance will be not as good as the 1103 11000KV motors due to lack of power. 

Motors    Recommend Battery    Voltage

1103 11000KV    2S 350mAh Battery    7.4V

1103 8000KV    3S 300mah Battery    11.1V

Note: Please kindly cut out these three sticks ① ② ③ by using the scissors as the following picture to fit the 3S 300mah Battery, be carefully not to cut the wire of the receiver.


Flight Controller 

CPU: STM32F411CEU6 (100MHZ )

Six-Axis: MPU6000 (SPI connection)

Size: 26mm x 26mm, whoop mounting pattern

Firmware version: Betaflight MATEKF411 (MK41)

OSD: Built-in BetaFlight OSD (STM32 controls OSD chip over SPI in DMA mode)

Receiver: Support Frsky XM/XM+ Receiver/ Futaba Receiver/ Flysky Receiver/ TBS Crossfire Receiver. Add Frsky R9M Receiver and DSMX receiver since V1.2.

Support programmable LED like WS2812 etc

Built-in current sensor Weight: 5.6g

Electronic Speed Controller ESC

Support BLheli/BLHELI_S suite Pass-through ready

Support PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot, Dshot150, Dshot300, Dshot600

Input voltage: 2S-3S Lipo

Continue current: 12A

Peak current: 13A

Firmware: BLHELI_S

Processor: SILABS EFM8BB21F16G

Motor Connectors: 1.25mm header pins connector

Factory firmware: G-H-30-16.7


Find more details about Caddx Turtle V2 camera here.

To enjoy the powerful flight and capture HD beautiful flying video at the same time, many pilots revamped their Beta75X with HD camera. Inspired by this, BetaFPV upgraded the Beta75X to 3S with Caddx Turtle V2 camera.
The angle for the camera is 30° and fixed. 

Besides that, the newest A01 VTX board is lighter and perfectly suitable for canopy with switchable output power between 25mW and 200mW. Smart audio is available for VTX remote control in default.

Output power: 25mW and 200mW (Adjustable)

Smart Audio function is included for radio control

Frequency: 5.8GHz 6 bands 48 channels, with Raceband: 5362~5945MHz

Caddx Turtle V2 camera

TV System: NTSC

Aspect Ratio: 4:3(non-changeable)

Image sensor: 1 / 2.7" CMOS sensor


The Beta75X drone comes with "props out" in default. Why we need "props out" direction?


Default Betaflight props direction, quadcopter dips and "washes out" in hard corners. With reversed props or "props out", no more dipping even in hardest cornering.

More on Props Out 


1. Does this drone have current sensor?

Yes, it has a real current sensor. So no need to use the virtual current meter and you could get a more accurate current value. In order to use this current sensor hardware, some configurations in Betaflight GUI are needed.

More on Current sensors here 

2. How to connect the receiver to the 2-4S brushless FC?

Please don't forget to plug the battery when you try to connect the connector to the 2-4S brushless FC. 
Find out more details in our support page.

3. How to set up smart audio vtx control? (Multirotor Guide gives you the most straightforward explanation) 


1 * Beta75X BNF 3S Whoop Quadcopter (without battery) FrSky LBT

1 * Spare 40mm 4-blades props (2CW+2CCW)

* Battery is NOT included. Highly recommend the 300mAh 3S 45C battery.

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