8 Port 1s HV Lipo Auto Charger Module

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8 Port HV Auto Charger
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HV Lipo Auto Charger with 8 independent ports

The fastest and easiest way to charge your HV lipos is with this awesome HV Lipo Auto Charger, just plug in and wait for the green light. This charger will even pre-charge any lipos that have fallen below 3V to try to recover them to normal Volts before HV charging them. 

•    8 Channel
•    4.35 HV Li-Po Support only (Do not use for 4.20V lipos)
•    1C / 2C selectable charge rate
•    Standard battery connectors
•    Custom battery connectors – DIY Solder pads
•    Two power options for AC or DC charging
•    DC Jack for AC-DC 5V 3/5A wall power adapter
•    OPTIONAL 7-30V DC power supply (Li-Po powered charge)


HV Lipo Auto Charger Module Specifications:

DC Jack INPUT voltage

5V-24V  No polarity protection!

XT60  / 4MM INPUT voltage

7-30V        Polarity protected!



Charge Voltage

4.35 V (HV) – 1s Li-Po

Charge Current

205mA at 1C / 410mA at 2C

Max. Total Current

3.5A when all 8 ports charging at 2C

Operating Current

8 ports @ 1C -> 2.0A
4 ports @ 1C + 4 ports @ 2C -> 3.0A

8 ports @ 2C -> 3.5A


Power Input consideration

The Charger module has 2 inputs. Only one can be used at the time. Do not try to power the module from both at the same time! Primary input port is the DC jack where regulated Voltage is expected. This can be achieved by using correct AC-DC wall power adapter. While 5A is recommended, 3A can be used if half of the charger module ports are at 1C selection (below 3A total current). Do not use all 8 ports at the 2C rate with 3A power supply. Mind the input polarity!

WARNING do not use wall adapter rated less than 3A due to possible overheating risk!

Second input is optional! XT60 connector INPUT expects 7-30V DC voltage (For example 12V power supply or big 2-6s Li-Po).

After consideration of the difficutly many you may face finding the regualtor we have chosen to include a 5A rated board as standard.

Note: it is possible to deplete your source Lipo pack, we recommend a monitoring device to keep an eye on the power level. Like this 2-8s lipo checker here

Charging procedure:

Charger module has 8 charging outputs that can be used independently. Each charging channel/port has 2 standard connectors and the DIY solder pad. Whilst soldering the DIY connector, mind the polarity! Before charging, select desired charge rate by moving switch to the desired position (1C or 2C rate). If battery is not connected or battery is depleted below 3.0V, both status LEDs will light. When the battery is charging, RED led will be active. When the battery is full the GREEN led will come on. If the battery is completely depleted (below 3.0V), charger will pre-condition it by slowly charging it beforehand.

Never leave the charger unattended while charging!

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