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Builders tips

motor guide:

– CL-0615-11 for indoor LOS flying (without camera/payload)
– CL-0615-14 for outdoor LOS or moderate FPV
– CL-0615-17 for crazy LOS or fast FPV
– CL-0615-19 for insane punch outs
The faster the motor (the higher the last two digits), the more energy will be used for the same work
done. So even if you are not using the extra power, but are just hovering, a faster motors will drain
your battery faster.

battery guide:
the 150mAh, 175mAh and 205mAh mylipo packs are all strong enough to drive any 4×0615 motors at full
throttle. The additional capacity of the larger packs is partially compensated by the additional weight,
but you will still see longer flight times.
If are willing to sacrifice flight time for performance, choose a lighter pack and climbing will be even

– For the longest flight time on a LOS indoor flyer, use 0615-11 motors and 205mAh batteries.
– For the most precise and effortless indoor FLOS flyer, use 0615-11 motors and 150mAh batteries.
– For long flight times, use 0615-14 motors with 2-bladed props, 205mAh batteries.
– For powerful FPV flights, use 0615-17 with 2-bladed props, 205mAh batteries.
– For very powerful FPV flights with reasonable flight time, use 0615-19 motors, 205mAh batteries, and
chop two blades off each prop
– For all-out firecracker-like upwards performance, use 0615-19 motors, 4-bladed props and 205mAh 4.35V
batteries with PH2 plugs. 

Dont use 0615-19 with the Inductrix FC.

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