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Hi. (stands up). . . My name’s Matt and I’m an addict. Actually, to be more precise, I’m a serial obsessive. I live my life by my obsessions (okay, let’s call them passions. . . It has more of a ring to it!) which has led me in all sorts of different directions, but my current overriding obsess. . .um. . . passion. . . is with RC flight – primarily 3D helis, but more recently FPV/LOS quads and of course microquads.

Thanks to this passion I found myself last year in the position of head demonstration pilot for a company producing Star Wars quads. One of the pilots I brought on to the team for a huge promotional event at ‘Star Wars Celebration’ (a huge nerd-fest set over a weekend in July at the Excel Centre in London) was Cemal, known to many as Jem – The DroneJunkie.

Since the Star Wars shenanigans died down for me and assisted by the fact that I live in a warehouse conversion, I got a little bit obsessed with my Tiny Whoop. And since the DroneJunkie headquarters is a mere 40 minutes from me and ten minutes from my flying field, not long ago I thought I’d drop in on Jem to pick up a few upgrade parts

. Not just the once either. As a matter of fact, I’ve been spending quite a few afternoons hanging out with my new friend/enabler Jem in the office/workshop/mancave that is DroneJunkie. I should mention I don’t just go there for the drone parts. Jem is a proper nice bloke, and we can talk rubbish for hours, our conversations peppered with the occasional ‘ping’ from Jem’s computer as Facebook messenger connects him with yet another pop-quiz from a befuddled customer trying to work out why their Whoop isn’t Whooping like it should (Upgrade your power lead to Mcpx!)

It was during one of these conversations that I was saying how useful it would be to have some sort of a comparison video which would show the relative merits of combinations of motor/props and enable the viewer to compare them side by side. I have seen plenty of awesome ‘opinion’ videos of various motor/prop combinations and absolutely based some purchasing decisions on such videos (I love the prolific nature of informative videos in the hobby) but couldn’t tell you for sure which of the combinations I’d flown performed better than the others. I’m also very much aware that such judgements are multidimensional and there is not really such a thing as ‘the perfect one size fits all combination’.

Another of my passions is photography and I run a small studio from home specialising in promotional photography for circus performers (my ‘main’ career is as a professional juggler). Thanks to that, I have some quite useful paper backdrops in my home studio, and I realised that this would be the perfect setting for this comparison video. So rather than supplying me with the set of motors I was looking to buy on that day, Jem gave me a nice little selection of each upgrade motor he had in stock and a few sets of props and challenged me to put my money where my mouth was and make the video.

Some weeks later, I finally gave up circular-thinking about the project and decided to just get on with it! So, with some orange electrical tape in one hand and a tape measure in the other, I set about building my studio and running in the test motors.

25 man hours, many coffees, a handful of youtube After Effects tutorial videos and a couple of all-nighters later, I had something I think has some value to add to the community. A consistent test rig in consistent test conditions. I like to think that this is the first in a series of comparison videos that will empower the viewer to make their own informed decisions on upgrade parts. A punchout is of course by no means the best way to compare setups. But it is a start. It's worth bearing in mind that the key point of this video is to compare 2,3 and 4 blade props and a range of motors with various Kv values. It's not about the brand – just the physics!

 We’ve talked about what might be the best next video. We have some ideas in the pipeline, but “we’re gonna need a bigger boat”. Watch this space!

Welcome to the new Drone Junkie web site and Blog. 

I hope the changes will make your experience here better and easier to find the right items for your micro flight builds. A huge thanks is due to Richard Hamilton who tirelessly worked to get the site running and streamlined, without whom this site update would still be just a dream.

Look him up on Facebook if you have any Web woes, he may be able to help you too. 

A little bit about myself, I am a confirmed flight addict and freely admit I am utterly obsessed with flight and especially FPV (First Person View) flight. I have been in the hobby RC industry for longer than I can remember and have worked with some of the biggest and well known teams in the UK. I had a great time playing with all the toys you can imagine, but frankly (for me), flying FPV relegates all of that onto the 'bored with that pile'. Nothing has given me the same feeling as flying from inside the cockpit. 

Drone Junkie and I-Drone organize Drone Racing events, namely Formula FPV London, and we are constantly trying to push the sport of FPV racing to new heights (if you pardon the pun) if you have a project or idea please let us know, maybe we can help. We work very closely with the guys over at Vmach Media who are the craters of arguably the best and only true FPV racing simulator there is, Drone Simulation PE a great tool for promoters to help visualize courses.

I hurt my back a few years ago and consequently my entire life changed. I was a bit broken for some time until I found FPV and now I say that "FPV saved my life" AND I can honestly say its true.
I am happy to say that the drive to get out and fly has improved my outlook and given me the motivation to get moving which has improved my outlook on my condition immensely. This is one reason why I love to give back to the FPV community as much as I can. I now eat, sleep and breath FPV every day and I love every second of it. I especially love the closeness of the people I meet and how they love to share the joy that is flying first person view. 

I strive to give the best service I can to anyone so they can enjoy flight that bit sooner and fly for longer.

If there is anything you see on the site that is incorrect or not quite right please let me know and I will check it out and fix it as quickly as I can. 

ID like to take a mo to introduce the Drone Junkie Tech Guy Chaotix Xitoahc who will also be posting his help guides on this blog page to help the many new pilots who are building and programming for the first time. IF there is any particular subject you would like covered please let us know. 

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